What you should look for:

Low Cost

Many low end providers compete by offering low prices. It gets them in the door, puts cash in their pockets, but frequently only addresses the obvious cosmetic part of the cleaning process without resolving your fire hazard issues.


Without proper training it’s not likely the critical cleaning will be accomplished. The entire exhaust system needs to be cleaned to satisfy fire safe certification standards. This includes all horizontal and vertical duct work as well as the exhaust blower. R&G Vent Cleaning is dedicated to properly train their technicians to achieve skillful and reliable results that satisfy all fire safe certification standards.


R&G Vent Cleaning certifies its staff through the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association (IKECA) and has adopted their stand of removing 100% of combustible material from the kitchen exhaust systems. Most other companies only claim to meet NFPA fire code which is considered to be the minimum standard in our industry.


Fact: Most small hood cleaning companies are under insured. You should require a minimum of $1,000,000 general liability along with proof of automobile and workman’s comp coverage. R&G Vent Cleaning maintains $5,000,000 general liability, $1,000,000 automobile, workman’s compensation coverage and is bonded.


We regard safety as the first assignment of our job. The safety of our staff, your staff and patrons come fire. We conduct our activities to meet OSHA standards. We carry MSDS information on all products used in our cleaning process. If we find any condition at your facility that needs attention for safety or maintenance sake, we will leave notice of the situation.


R&G Vent Cleaning Services, Inc. is a professional service company whose only focus is on cleaning commercial kitchen exhaust systems. We operate in every zip code in Arizona with offices in Mesa, Tucson, Yuma, Flagstaff and Show Low. The company was established in 1994 and has grown to be one of the largest operators in the industry. What we are most proud of is our high standard of cleaning. R&G is dedicated to being the leader in commercial kitchen exhaust system cleaning. Our goal is to be your partner preventing injury and property loss.